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Dark Glitter


We have evolved through the hobby just like many others. Because of our success in growing coral in our home aquariums, we started to have surpluses. We have traded with friends in the hobby and coral stores. Adding more aquariums and frag tanks in our homes until we realized that it was time to share our treasures with people all across the country.


Our grow facility was launched in July of 2021, some 40 years after getting our first taste of the saltwater hobby.

decorative coral from Coral Zoo logo

Peter Schrum IV

Owner / Reef Master

I started out in the reefing hobby back in 2012 with a 20 gallon tank just like most of us do. With that tank my addiction for the hobby flourished and I quickly upgraded to a 55 gallon, then to an 80 gallon, and had to stop at an 8 ft long mixed reef because I couldn't fit anything bigger in the house! When I figured out I could work for a local coral shop I didn't turn back, it just fueled the addiction for reefing even more. I have commercially farmed coral for the last 5 years, and traded with hobbyist and LFS since the beginning. Throughout the years of being in the reefing hobby you meet several people that are just like you, coral fanatics. The friendships that you gain become just as important as the hobby and continue to make this hobby even more enjoyable.

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